Hidrotehnika - sewage systems, bridge building, pipe duct construction
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Investor Kind of work
Hrvatske Vode Zagreb
Building of a bridge in Bogdanovec
Building of a bridge in Tupkovec
Building of a bridge in Strigova
Building of a bridge in Slakovec
Building of a bridge in Senkovec
Building of a bridge in Stanetinec
Building of a bridge in D. Mihaljevec
Building of a bridge in M. Mihaljevec
Pipe duct construction on Budorica stream in Stanetinec
Pipe duct construction on Hrastinka trench in Podturen
Pipe duct construction fi 800 on Bistrec - Rakovnica trench in Cehovec
Pipe duct construction on Pralisce trench in Novakovec
Pipe duct construction in Donji Mihaljevec
Pipe duct construction in Bogdanovec with a partial regulation of
Trnava affluent
Pipe duct construction fi 600 in Ziskovec
Pipe duct construction fi 1000 in Mihovljan
Tree cutting, cleaning from bush, brushwood and etc.
Clearing logs and performing needed soil work for arranging of inundate area with grass seeding and growing vegetation
Mowing of bank, trench and arranged inundate area on water currents, trenches with related buildings, lakes, accumulations, retentions, irrigation systems and draining systems
Preventative, regular and emergency defense from floods for defense region 21: region of the river basin "Trnava", except transnational rivers Mura and Drava
Technical and economic management of melioration buildings for drainage and irrigation in the Meimurje county
Land restructuring of the right river basin "Mura" in city of Mursko Sredie
Construction of flood defenses on the right side of the "Mura" river basin for towns "Podturen" and "Lonarevo" settlement
Medimurske vode d.o.o. Sewage system construction in District of Donji Kraljevec
Sewage system construction in industrial area 'West' in Cakovec
Building water supply line - Vojni vrtovi Cakovec
Building of a bridge in Cakovec
Sewage system in Kotoriba
Sewage system in Mursko Sredisce
Sewage system in Mackovec
Sewage system in Nedelisce
Grad Mursko Sredisce Maintenance of grassland in City of Mursko Sredisce
Reconstruction of a street in Mursko Sredisce
Zupanijska uprava za ceste Cakovec Building of a bridge in Vratisinec
Building of a bridge in Donji Kraljevec
Maintenance of grassland - grass mowing
Opcina Donji Kraljevec Maintenance of grassland in district of Donji Kraljevec
Opcina Orehovica Rainfall draining in Orehovica
Opcina Selnica Maintenance of grassland in district of Selnica
Opcina Strahoninec Sewage system in Strahoninec
Opcina Sv. Martin na Muri Arranging and planning of soil areas in Sv. Martin na Muri

Hidrotehnika - Maintenance of grassland,  Sewage systems Hidrotehnika - Rainfall draining, street reconstruction
Hidrotehnika - bridge construction, pipe duct construction Hidrotehnika - sewage systems, grassland maintenance

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