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  • Technical and economic maintenance of regulation- and protection water structures, water resources and regulation of water current
  • Technical and economic maintenance of melioration systems for draining and irrigation
  • Handling of irrigation systems
  • Sewage system building
  • Railfall dewatering
  • Water system construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Street reconstruction
  • Regulation and planning of soil areas
  • Execution of technical work needed for defense against floods and other means of protection against harmful water effects
  • Maintenance of grassland
  • Selling irrigation systems
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Construction of hydro-egineering objects
  • Preventative, regular and emergency defense from floods for defense region 21: region of the river basin "Trnava", except transnational rivers Mura and Drava
  • Management of melioration draining buildings
  • Management of water buildings for irrigation

Hidrotehnika - održavanje travnatih površina, odvodnja oborinskih voda Hidrotehnika - rukovanje sustavom za navodnjavanje
Hidrotehnika - rekonstrukcija ulica, uređenje i planiranje zemljanih površina Hidrotehnika - izgradnja mostova, izgradnja vodovodnih sustava

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