Hidrotehnika - sewage systems, bridge building, pipe duct construction
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Hidrotehnika is a limited liability company with a vast and long experience in handling water resources. It is privately held by current and former employees.

Basic services of our company are:
  • Drafting of project documentation for hydro constructions and water systems
  • Technical and economic maintenance of water goods, regulation-and water structures and equipment
  • Technical and economic maintenance of melioration systems for draining and irrigation
  • Handling of irrigation system
  • Regulation of water current
  • Technical work needed for defense against flood and other forms of protection against harmful water effects
  • Building (sewage systems, water lines, bridges...)
  • Procuration and trading
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Construction of hydro-egineering objects
  • Preventative, regular and emergency defense from floods for defense region 21: region of the river basin "Trnava", except transnational rivers Mura and Drava
  • Management of melioration draining buildings
  • Management of water buildings for irrigation

We dispose of cutting edge technology needed for execution of our basic services.
We employ 63 people.

Our personnel are young, ready to cope with everything the future might bring.

The goal of our business is a satisfied customer and appreciation of defensible standards in overall resources.

Hidrotehnika - sewage systems, water pipelines, bridge construction Hidrotehnika - flood prevention, water systems

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